Indecent images covers a wide range of images from those involving the sexual abuse of children to those displaying extreme sadomasochistic acts right and on to those depicting bestiality – in some cases all three can be combined into a single image or collection of images.

Police typically identify suspects either through direct examination of a computer, e.g. the computer is taken for repair and images are discovered by the technician or police seize a computer in an unrelated investigation and identify the offending images, or the suspect is identified through online information and intelligence, e.g. tracking IP addresses or identifying people suspected of using online aliases.

Because of the technical nature of these offences, the defence can be very complicated and requires solicitors with experience of such offences and the technical knowledge to understand how the police will seek to prove the case against you.

Police and prosecutors are under a great deal of pressure to prosecute people suspected of creating, distributing and possessing indecent images, which means that more people are finding themselves in court on even the flimsiest of evidence. So it is very important that anyone accused of such offences has a solicitor capable of identifying flaws in the prosecution evidence and acting to show that you are not guilty.

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