Being asked to attend the police station for an interview under caution is a daunting experience no matter what offence the police are investigating against you. It is also your first opportunity to prevent the case going any further. If that’s not possible then a successful police interview will lay the foundations for a successful defence at your trial. That is precisely what our team of experienced police station advisers plan to do when they attend a police interview with you.

We will discuss your case with you before you go to the police station. Often, we are able to speak to the police officer on the telephone or by email to get some idea of what he or she wants to discus with you. We can then begin preparing for the interview. This may mean helping you to get relevant paperwork together to support your version of events or simply putting your mind at rest about what is going to happen.

Once we are at the police station, our representative will speak to the police officer to get as much detail of the allegation as possible. We will then sit down in private with you to explain what the police officer has told us, what the law is and the various ramifications of your own account. We can then agree a plan of action with you for the interview.

This simple tactic of planning combined with legal knowledge and hard work will provide the best platform from which we can defend you should your case come to court.

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