Rape is the act of inserting a penis into a vagina, anus or mouth without the consent of the other party. The victim can be male or female but the main offence will usually only be committed by men, although a woman can be convicted of rape as a secondary party, e.g. if she acts with a man as part of a joint enterprise or if she aids and abets the rape.

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Sexual Assault

A person is guilty of sexual assault when they touch another person without that person’s permission and the touching is sexual in nature. This will usually mean that the victim is touched in a private place such as the genitals, breasts, etc. but it could include unwanted kissing and anything else that appears sexual.

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Indecent Images

Indecent images covers a wide range of images from those involving the sexual abuse of children to those displaying extreme sadomasochistic acts right and on to those depicting bestiality – in some cases all three can be combined into a single image or collection of images.

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Because the police and prosecutors are under intense pressure from politicians and the media to bring cases against people accused of sex crimes no matter how old the allegation there is a very real risk that people, particularly men, will be prosecuted wrongly.

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